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Who we are.

Expedition Media is a dynamic Multi-media Production Company that specializes in a range of impactful services. With a rapidly expanding global clientele and extensive on-the-field international experience, we are catalysts for organizational growth both locally and abroad. 

Our core values


Connections that build trust and empathy


Serving through our time and resources (Hebrews 13:6)


Cultivating growth and innovation


Stirring joy through hopeful and inspiring narratives


Equipping organizations to achieve revolutionary dreams

Our Creative Team

Studio Shoot-2_edited_edited_edited_edit
Mandy Hedin

Production Manager

Photographer, Writer

Studio Shoot-1_edited_edited.jpg
Jon Hedin


Cinematographer, Instructor


We exist to amplify your mission's voice by empowering your organization to inspire action. Through authentic storytelling, we craft cinematic narratives that captivate hearts, foster trust, and drive engagement which ensures your message resonates deeply with your audience.


Our desire is to see the voices of organizations being heard worldwide.

We dream of being the bridge between ministries and their audiences, empowering them to push their mission further.


We strive to immerse ourselves in the heart of your mission to authentically covey what drives your organization. We push to create genuine and engaging media that creates a deep connection between you and your audience.

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